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Governor School


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Experienced technicians and apprentices alike will expand their governor knowledge and hone their skills with American Governor‘s annual governor training classes. Classroom and hands-on sessions maximize the training experience. Our annual Governor School in June draws over 100 industry professionals seeking theoretical knowledge and practical training on everything from the oldest mechanical governor to the newest PLC digital governor. We are committed to keeping your governors – whether new or old – running reliably and efficiently and for as long as you wish to keep them in service. To accommodate customer requests for smaller factory training classes that concentrate on a single governor type, we offer a a variety of Focus Classes that feature intensive hands-on troubleshooting and smaller class sizes.

Unlike textbook-only classes, AGC classes include plenty of hands-on sessions with live equipment. Our trainers have decades of experience building, calibrating and repairing governors, oil systems and auxiliaries. Our Training Center features complete working examples of Gateshaft and Mechanical Cabinet Actuator governors, a 20 Series Pump, plus an Analog Mod II test stand, a fully-functioning Pelton mechanical cabinet actuator and many unique and instructive cutaway governor systems and assemblies. Our Turbine Simulator, Dashpot Lab, and Pelton simulator add a new dimension to hands-on training.

governor school

Attendee Testimonials:
“There is so much information available at this school that I can see where it would be great to come multiple times. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable. The training I received will help me greatly back on the job.”

Best, most useful, most in depth class I’ve had.”

“Entire staff was excellent, true technical experts within the industry.”

“Great training environment. Instructors very knowledgeable and personable.”

“Your cutaway models are great! Showing how all parts go together is great information.”

I feel more comfortable working with governors now. Thanks for the knowledge and hospitality.”

“We really appreciate that there are still dedicated people out there to help after these big companies have disappeared. Most of our ‘old timer’ plant superintendents have also disappeared, taking a lot of our governor expertise with them.”