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Quem é a American Governor Company?

American Governor é verdadeiramente uma empresa de governador de serviço completo, oferecendo peças, serviços, treinamento e suporte técnico para governadores legados, bem como pacotes completos de conversão digital customizados. American Governor tem mais de 600 anos de experiência combinada de governador e forneceu peças, serviços ou treinamento para mais de 1.500 usinas de energia em todo o mundo. A experiência, integridade, capacidade de resposta e capacidade técnica de nossa equipe …

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3D Cam Replacement Kit for Woodward Blade Controllers

If you are still running the “3D Cam” blade control system that came with your governor, chances are you can improve efficiency and avoid costly downtime by retrofitting your proprietary system with a PLC-based system from American Governor.

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AGC1000 Drop-In Replacement Kit for Alstom/Neyrpic DIGIPID 1000

American Governor Company offers a plug & play solution for the unsupported Neyrpic DIGIPID 1000 featuring improved remote control and monitoring and a reliable, supportable PLC control platform.

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Analog Governor Parts for Mod I & Mod II Governors

American Governor Company provides complete support for Woodward analog governors of all types and vintages. We offer a complete line of new and reconditioned parts and assemblies for Mod I and Mod II Analog Electric governors, including modules, power supplies, pilot control assemblies, mechanical and electrical devices, oil pumps, speed signal generators (SSGs), and governor accessories.

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Auxiliary Speed Switch Test Stand - Test and Calibrate Your Own Auxiliary Speed Switches

Our Auxiliary Speed Switch Test Stand is a complete apparatus for the testing and calibration of the auxiliary speed switch used on a Woodward Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) or Speed Signal Generator (SSG).

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Ballhead Drive Simulator - Test Online Governor Performance with Unit Offline

Our Ballhead Drive Simulator allows you to test and calibrate on-line performance of a mechanical governor while the unit is off-line and idle.

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Customer Reference List

American Governor is proud to provide high-quality replacement parts at reasonable prices, expert field service on short notice, knowledgeable technical support, and professional training classes. We are honored to serve our customers, and thank them for their continued support.

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Digital Governor Upgrade Kit for Woodward Gateshaft Governors

American Governor has developed standardized digital upgrade kits for every type and model of Woodward Gateshaft Governor. Our kits are simple to install and include everything you need to upgrade.

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Digital Interface Kit - Adapts Mechanical and Analog Governors to Digital Control

Digital Interface (DGI) Kits are the economical alternative to digital governors. American Governor DGI Kits are pre-engineered for all types of mechanical and analog electric governors and allow you to retain the reliability and familiarity of your existing governors while adding the advanced control and monitoring functions of a digital governor.

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Factory Repair Services for Governor Pumps and PMGs

Our Training and Repair Facility offers repair services for major governor auxiliary systems like XX Herringbone Gear Pumps and Permanent Magnet Generators. Factory repairs save you money compared to a service call and allow us to perform additional services that are difficult or impossible to do in the field.

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Factory Rewind Service

Ballhead motor and Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) stators were custom-manufactured by Woodward and are no longer available as New. Some customers have reported degraded motor insulation or cracked PMG stator leads, causing erratic governor performance. Trust American Governor to rewind or repair this equipment to better than original with today’s higher quality insulations and varnishes.

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Gate Limit Actuator for Remote Control of Gateshaft Start Up and Shutdown

Most Gateshaft governors already have a Speed Adjust motor for remote control, but many do not have the corresponding Gate Limit motor that is necessary for remote control of unit start-up and shutdown. Our bolt-on kit enables remote control of Gate Limit via Raise/Lower pulses and includes a potentiometer for feedback of Gate Limit setting.

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Governor Kits & Upgrade Systems Using Industry-Standard PLC and Hydraulic Systems

American Governor Company offers a complete suite of engineered products, governor retrofit kits, partial upgrade kits, and complete digital governor systems. American Governor engineers are Woodward-trained and have decades of experience in the design, engineering, and commissioning of governors and hydraulic systems.

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Independent Overspeed Sensing Kits

Most hydro turbine/generators are equipped with a mechanical overspeed switch. This switch was mechanically connected to the turbine/generator shaft and performed the function of a back-up, safety shutdown mechanism, independent from the normal governor control mechanism. During most digital governor retrofits, the fail-safe mechanical overspeed switch is retained and continues to provide its safety shutdown function. Some plants either never had a mechanical overspeed switch or their owners prefer to get rid of the PMG or SSG during conversion to digital governing. For these plants we offer three different solutions.

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International Capabilities

American Governor Company has provided parts and services to over 55 countries worldwide.

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Kidney Loop Oil Filtration System - Continuously Clean Your Governor Sump Oil

Clean oil is vital to any governor system, new or old. Dirty, contaminated oil leads to increased wear rates on older governors and can clog the pilot sections of newer governor equipment.

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On-Site Governor Training

American Governor Company offers comprehensive on-site training classes, covering governor theory, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting for all types of governors. Class agenda is tailored to suit your needs and specific equipment, and commonly includes a mix of classroom and hands-on training sessions. All our training classes are taught by experienced Governor Specialists who have both theoretical and practical knowledge. Many of our trainers have decades of real-world hydro governor experience.

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Pelton Governor Support

If you have Pelton governors and are wondering about continuing support, look no further than American Governor. Over the years we have provided support to many hydro utility customers in the form of technical guidance, field service, factory repairs, and both factory and on-site training classes. We have an extensive inventory of Reconditioned parts on hand and are expanding our line of new replacement parts for various types of Pelton governors, including the Model B cabinet actuator. We’ll do what it takes to keep your units running efficiently and reliably for years to come.

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Selsyn Replacement Kit for Analog and Mechanical Actuators

For those who want to replace their Selsyn remote monitoring with a universal 4-20mA system, American Governor offers a pre-engineered kit applicable to both analog and mechanical cabinet actuators. This kit is also recommended for interfacing these types of governors with supervisory control equipment.

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Solenoid-Operated Unloader Kit

If you are having difficulty maintaining your “snap-action” unloader pilot valves and mechanical unloader switches, you may want to consider one of our pre-engineered pilot unloader upgrade kits.

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