Medição de frequência utilizando TP

PT Interface

The PT Interface board is a Low Pass filter signal conditioner that converts the input voltage from the Potential Transformers (PT) to a 24 volt pulse that can be routed to Woodward digital speed sensor equipment or PLC based frequency counting equipment. The interface provides 3500 Volt isolation between the PT input and pulsed output. A built in 3-pole Butterworth filter blocks high frequency noise preventing erroneous readings from reaching the frequency counting equipment. The device is very sensitive and can detect AC voltages as low as 0.2 VAC. The amplitude of the output pulse is independent of the input voltage. The nominal frequency range is 6 HZ to 120 HZ. The ability to sense low AC voltage coupled with a broad frequency range allows governors to use the PT signal as a reliable primary speed signal. Due to residual magnetism, the generator excitation does not have to be active to gain a valid speed signal.
PT Interface Board Only
Board Only
PT Interface Box Assembly
Box Assembly
Woodward Part Numbers:
Board Only 5421-213
Entire Box Assembly 5439-210

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