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OEM Governors

When it is time to enhance your existing OEM governor or replace an unsupported platform with a new PLC-based digital governor system, the best place to turn is American Governor Company. We have provided engineering support, field technical support, and expertly-designed digital governor conversion systems for the most units in North America and some of the largest units in the world!

We offer a wide range of retrofit and upgrade/conversion options for you to choose from, all distinctly designed to meet or exceed your unique requirements … not ours! Unlike other companies, we have more than one solution in our toolkit. Our mission is to keep your plant running at peak performance with your existing legacy governors or brand-new, digital-based, custom-engineered control systems.

With over 600 years of combined hydro governor experience, we have found it universally true that, in almost every case – your existing governor can be tuned, adjusted, calibrated and/or overhauled to provide the excellent grid frequency support hydro is famous for and for which our increasing-fragile electricity grid is more and more dependent upon. That’s right: NERC compliance seldom requires a digital governor! In case after case we have overhauled and tuned 100-year-old mechanical governors so that perform Like New and provide remarkably precise frequency control!

We suggest that your consulting engineer or maintenance personnel complete our Governor Upgrade Checklist. It is an unbiased analysis tool that will enable you to make rational decisions about whether to Maintain or Upgrade your existing hydro governor systems in all of your power plants. The evaluation methodology takes into account your specific governor type, the degree of support available, and your specific needs to develop Unit Scores and a Plant Score. This enables you to compare and contrast your situation with the 1500+ plants our hydro governor specialists have supported over the years. Sound reasoning and the necessity should drive your decision to upgrade your plants, not a budget or fashionable opinion. This checklist will help you make the right decision for you.

Feel free to contact any one of our Regional Offices to interact directly with one of our Governor Specialists. They will be happy to discuss your particular situation and budget, and explain how your governor’s responsiveness and/or control flexibility could be restored or improved with some simple, inexpensive measures. They can also discuss with you what exactly you expect to achieve by converting to digital control, and work with you to define how much Unit Control you may want to incorporate into the Governor PLC, as long as you are converting to digital. We have done a wide range of projects that have included extensive unit start/stop automation and even voltage control and automatic synchronizing. With a lightning-fast PLC and people you trust programming it, the sky is truly the limit for what you can do!

Contact us to discuss your current system and what you would like to accomplish with the upgrade. Click here for a governor checklist that walks you through the options available during the conversion.

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